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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

"Master Corbin". How fitting?!
He's been walking since he was 10 month old & he graduated quickly from walking to climbing. Still, he didn't get into too much trouble for a little while. But in the past couple of months, it's a never ending struggle to retrieve my kitchen utensils, pot & pan lids, dvds, tupperware (where did he put all my lids!?)...All day long I'm juggling my chores with "His Diapered Highness". I try to sneak dishes out of the dishwasher while he's engaged in something, but he seems to have some kind of dishwasher detecting sonar sensor. And it never fails, as soon as that dishwasher makes even a quiet sound, barely audible over Elmo's songs (I try my best to time it just right), he's racing to the kitchen for a piece of the action!
Our newest learning curve is the yelling. Oh boy, that yelling...!!! Much like his brothers, he feels in order to be heard he must speak above everybody else & must belt out his demands with all his might! He even has to arch his back to really muster a good yell. No joke there. It was funny at first, to watch him stick his little Buddha belly out as far as he can before projecting his toddler opinions about what his brothers were doing that he didn't approve of, or the fact that they had something in their possession they should have clairvoyantly known he would want...
Teething hasn't made the last couple of months any easier on any of us residing in his service. The poor kid has been needing to push out some teeth for what feels like an eternity...I'd be cranky too! I don't remember either of the brothers ever having gums as swollen as his are. We finally (FINALLY, FINALLY!) had a tooth break the surface though, so hopefully his #5 will be make a swift appearance from here.

Despite the last couple of months being as exhausting as they have been, I must admit I am absolutely smitten with him. He does some of the most adorable things sometimes. He mimics most things we say & is learning all kinds of "tricks" & things, like giving kisses, blowing kisses, waving, shaking his head...He's been doing all of them for awhile now, but he seems to have a new found sense of humor when doing them & he really cracks himself & us up sometimes. He loves babies all the sudden & I love the big smile he gets when he points one out. I love watching him shake his head "no" & laugh at himself.
If I sit on the floor, the way he rushes over to me & very determinedly turns himself around & carefully plants his butt on my lap, before looking up at me with an expression fixed on his face to say that really, that's all he wanted all along, is something that endears me to him even more every time he does it. Or the way he wraps his arm around the back of mine & holds extra tight when he's sitting on my hip, because he doesn't want me to put him down, is pretty sweet too. Then, when he gets "the look" from mommy or daddy, the way he instinctively sticks his tongue out at us behind a grin...
He's definitely a momma's boy. He has this whole family wrapped around his little finger & he pretty well knows it.

He's driving my beyond crazy, exhausting me more than I thought possible & really making me really appreciate that moment I flop back onto my pillows at night....
But this little boy has my heart! (Well, so do my others...) He's so smart & much too adorable for his own good. He puts his smarts & good looks to good use though! ;0 )

(Trying on Halloween costumes to be sure we know it fits in time for the big day...he's gonna be a spider!)

(I turned the view finder around on the camera so he could see himself)


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