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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Tender Spot

As she's stretching to snuggle her head beneath my chin, just before she musters up a cry, her soft, sweet cooing reaches the most tender places in my heart. It resonates off all the cavities of my mothering soul and leaves behind a glow of warmth that surprises even me. Nobody could do that to my soul the way my babies have.

Having a newborn girl is much the same as having a newborn boy. At this stage, the biggest difference is in our curiosity about when the differences will emerge. But their personalities show early on, and hers is far gentler than her brothers, up to this point. She coos sweetly like a bird, cries softly, and snuggles close. She's slow moving, less curious and more content to just be. Her brothers had a mission from day one. They were louder, more engaged, more curious, independent and stubborn.

I had a feeling she would be a gentle, tender soul before she was born. So far, it feels pretty accurate. I can't wait to see how things change in our family as she grows from infant to girl. She's our long awaited, priceless treasure. She's the last piece to our family puzzle.

I'm not sure what things will look like as she grows. I don't know what shifts her little being will take as she learns to explore her world, and finds her life niche. But for right now my aim is to just relish this beauty in my arms, the evening cries when she fights her sleep, the peeps and hums she whispers in my ear when I carry her, the need she has to feel my skin on hers...knowing my 'right now,' savoring this precious time, is enough for me.

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