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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Heart shaped love notes

DS1 has such a compassionate heart. I have a bond with all of my boys that is unique & very special to me, each boy brings their own wonderful qualities to our relationships. But there is something about my bond with Caidan that touches me in a very tender way. He's like my sidekick, always there for moral support, always there to lend a hand, always there even when he's not...
I haven't figured out why but for some reason DS1 has been "sharing" his treasured things with me for a few weeks now. He's very sneaky about it...It's always after they've been in bed a few hours & I finally turn in for the night, as I'm adjusting the mountain of pillows on my side of the bed, that I find his favorite little kissing fish beanie snuggled between pillows, or his beloved "Daisy" dolphin pillow pet perched atop my own pillows, or his regular pillow with the adorable frog print pillow case his grandma made him. I offer whichever treasure he's shared with me the night before, back to him the next day. Sometimes he takes them, but generally he says, "No it's ok. I want you to have it." or "I don't want it. I want you to use it."

During his whole kindergarten year, I used to stash little red heart shaped pre-made notes in his lunch box, for him to find during the day. I wanted to remind him that I loved him, or wish him a good day at school. I think this must be his way of reminding me he loves me too. And I have to say, each night I've found something sweetly tucked into my bed, it's been when I've needed it most.

(old pictures, but good pictures!) 


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