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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Dreams

Tuesday evening I finally decided to try to make some gluten-free crackers for DS1. I'd had the idea rolling around in my head for a few days, but hadn't made much effort until then.
DS1 was helping me with it after dinner & was really enjoying it. He asked me a question (I forget the question now) to which I replied, "I don't even know if these will work or not buddy. I've never made crackers before, so this is an experiment." He very swiftly advised me, "If you want to DO big things, you need to DREAM big dreams." I almost choked on my own saliva. "Wow! You're right. Where did you learn that?" I asked. "I don't know. ....Oh wait! I saw it on a Chuck E. Cheese commercial. They were saying it on there."

I often reflect on the personalities of my boys. And I often think of how much DS1 is 100% my "old soul" child. He's startlingly wise for his age, and he sees more in the world than he typically lets on. He's like a sponge, absorbing bits & pieces of everything around him, and storing it away.
I've had a few days to brag about this moment & to think back on all the moments that took my breath away, just like this one & am reminded that I want him to do big things in life. He is such an intelligent boy & has so many admirable, wide-ranging interests. He has a compassion this world is sorely lacking & a heart made of the purest gold. So even though he's only just entering the age kids begin to "dream big dreams" I have spent his whole life dreaming big dreams for him, and I just know this kid will change the world one day.

When we were done with our crackers (they were lousy in texture, but he loved them!) he was dragging his chair back over to the kitchen table. DS3 was in bed, so I shoosed him saying, "We need to be quiet. Corbin just went to bed." and he replied, "I'm sorry mom. I know. There's just a lot of friction on the floor that's making it loud." Smarty-pants.



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