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Blogging my way through this crazy, busy, confusing, every-changing, BLESSED thing we call, Life. I'm not perfect, auto-correct hates me, I don't specialize in anything, I'm not a professional anybody, and I'm full of mistakes, missteps, mishaps and lame choices. I'm constantly striving to better myself, grow closer to God, and live in such a way that I'm at least facing the direction of being worthy of all He's done for me.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

God's Masterpiece - Truly Inspiring!

I found this video through a blog I follow on Facebook & fell in love with it!! It couldn't be more timely, full of more conviction, or pack more of a punch! This is perfectly done!  I cried when I watched it & can't stop thinking about how fitting it truly is.


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